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Mercury in your teeth?
Chances are, your dentist takes “head-in-the-sand” approach when it comes to those silver fillings in your mouth.

Silver fillings are actually an amalgam of several materials including mercury, a deadly toxin. The American Dental Association insists the mercury is harmless. They say it never gets out of the filling.  They are wrong.

A study from the University of Calgary Department of Medicine proves that mercury vapor gets out of the fillings and finds its way into your body tissue.

Tests done on sheep proved that large quantities of mercury quickly migrated from the fillings to the kidneys, liver, stomach, intestines, and lungs.  There was a 5% reduction in kidney function a month after the fillings were placed. In pregnant animals the mercury got into the fetus.

A University of Georgia study using monkeys showed the mercury got into the intestine and altered the bacteria there.  Mercury was detected in the gut only two weeks after the fillings were placed.  The researchers believe the mercury may be responsible for allergies and yeast infections.  It appears the mercury gives rise to bacteria that antibiotics can’t kill.

Out of 1600 people who had their fillings removed,  89% said their allergies or digestive problems were cured or got better. 

Meanwhile, don’t let your dentist put in any more mercury fillings.  Safe fillings are now available.  Insist on them,  no matter what he says.  

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