A 56-year-old nurse entered my program a few years ago.  Her history was very simple.  She had suffered from high blood pressure for 20 years,  weighed 185 pounds,  and had 35% body fat.

She was taking three medications to control her blood pressure.  She was taking another medication,  Diabenase,  to control a case of diabetes that was brought on by the blood pressure medications.   And she was taking a fifth medication for heart failure.

Three months after entering my program,  she was down to 160 pounds.  She no longer had to take the diabetes and heart failure pills.  She was able to drop two of the blood pressure prescriptions  and reduce the dose on the third to half of what she’d been taking.

After 20 years of diabetes, she had it controlled within three months.   How come?

She did it herself.  I was just there to give advice.  That is what can happen when you take control of your own health by seeking  alternatives  to drugs and surgery.   The program did work and  the  nurse saved a lot of money on medical bills and greatly reduced her risk of stroke or heart attack.  

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