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Modern Medicine
Doctors do good things, too.

The medical profession has done a huge amount of good.  If, you have appendicitis, or you want to avoid catching polio, or you break a bone, run to the nearest doctor.

Modern medicine has also eliminated smallpox from the whole world. It’s a disease that doesn’t exist anymore.

If I contract a bacterial disease like pneumonia or tuberculosis I definitely want antibiotics ---by prescription, from a doctor. If I were injured in a car accident I wouldn’t think of going to anyone but a doctor.

Many the heart valves of folks in their twenties and thirties were falling apart because they had suffered from rheumatic fever when they were children. Now rheumatic fever practically doesn’t exist, thanks to modern medicine. Those open heart operations aren’t needed anymore.

Those are some of the things doctors have accomplished!

But the big killers of our time --- cancer, heart disease, and stroke, --- are largely “lifestyle diseases.”
They are caused by the way we live --- especially the food we eat, or don’t eat. They are caused by toxins and pollution in our environment. Lack of exercise and even lack of happiness are also factors.

The most effective way of fighting them is to take the antioxidants. But that is not the only answer.

Do you know the number one risk factor for heart disease? It’s not high cholesterol. It’s not high blood pressure. It’s not smoking.

The number one risk factor is whether you are unhappy!

By now I hope you are starting to see, the medical establishment is seriously on the wrong track where these modern diseases are concerned.

Yet these are the things most people suffer from. These things probably account for at least 80% of visits to doctors’ offices.

You can eliminate those 80% of your visits to your doctor!

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