Aging of Antioxidants …

... life giving supplements!
During the 1980s, scientists discovered a strain of bacteria that could survive the lethal environment of radioactive waste water. Radioactivity kills most forms of life including bacteria, by releasing cascades of free radicals.

Aging Men and Women …

You'll feel better!
A group of 90-year-old men and women who lifted weights for eight weeks nearly tripled the strength of their arms and legs! Under medical supervision, these aging people lifted weights three times a week. They were able to go from lifting about 15 pounds to lifting over 40.

Aging Process …

Control it or reverse it!
The so-called “aging process” has two aspects. It’s very important to understand the difference, because one of them can be controlled or even reversed.

If you do so, there’s no biological reason why you can’t live to be 100 or more.