Aging Process …

Control it or reverse it!
The so-called “aging process” has two aspects. It’s very important to understand the difference, because one of them can be controlled or even reversed.

If you do so, there’s no biological reason why you can’t live to be 100 or more.

The aging process that can’t be controlled involves the biological clocks that are built into your genes. For instance, puberty, menopause, and male pattern baldness are genetically programmed. They can’t be controlled --- yet.

Anyway, most people don’t die of these genetically-programmed changes. They die of cancer, stroke, and heart disease instead --- largely caused by free radical damage. A great deal of the damage is done by free radicals. Fortunately, this is the part of the aging process that can be controlled or reversed.

According to researchers, our free radical damage isn’t programmed. It’s mostly caused by a high-fat diet, lack of exercise, smoking, pollution, chemicals, drugs, alcohol, even stress and unhappiness as the results of bad habit. You can neutralize the free radicals by breaking the bad habit, or with antioxidants.

When you hear the average man or woman lives to be about 75, remember that those are averages. As a matter of fact, you can live to be 100, 110, 120 years. The extra years will be good years, not years in a hospital bed. Scientists know that humans can live much longer if they don’t succumb to free radical damage!

I do not know about you. But I enjoy the feeling that 120 is mine to try for. Now that I have someone to share my life with, I want to be 120 to walk with her on the beach, travel around the world, or just hold hands.

With the facts we now know about health and healthy aging, you can actually pick a number between 75 and 120. Aim for it. There is a good chance you’ll hit it !

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