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You decide how long you want to live!  The basic principle is as follows:  You can decide how healthy you will be. Even people who were old or in poor health have gotten well with a certain program. If you can give three minutes a day, the program can add up to ten years to your life.

In other words it really is possible to feel good all the time. It is more than just not being sick. I mean actively feeling good. You can feel full of energy, deep and easy breathing, fresh and glowing skin, bones and joints free of stiffness and pain, a calm stomach, and strong muscles.

Of course how long you will live is based on what an average person can achieve with the program. The results may vary depending on your age and current state of health.

You can do it because it’s all up to you. A doctor said, “I know you can do it because I myself was a stressed-out, 225-pound surgeon. I smoked more than a pack a day. I followed a “seefood diet”, that is, you see food and you eat it right away. I was 34 and hadn’t exercised since university. But that’s almost twenty years ago.”

You know, the easiest thing you can do for your health is the most powerful ! Let me give you a peek at the powerful new medical discoveries. A Harvard study shows that taking vitamin E long-term (more than two years) can cut your risk of heart attack almost in half ! However only about four people out of a hundred are taking enough vitamin E.

The American National Cancer Institute’s journal reported similar results for a study of nearly 30,000 people in China, aged 40 to 69. These people were poor and their diet was terrible. They had among the highest esophageal and stomach cancer rates in the world --- over 100 times U.S. rates. But those who took a daily dose of beta carotene, vitamin E, and selenium suffered 9% fewer deaths than those who didn’t.

Another study of more than 3,000 Chinese who already showed signs of cancer, indicated an 8% decline in cancer deaths and a 38% reduction in stroke and heart disease. How come? They were given a daily dose of 14 vitamins and 12 minerals for six years.

The three supplements, beta carotene & vitamin E & selenium are called antioxidants. They are harmless vitamins and minerals in our food. But we don’t get them in large enough amounts to make us as well as we can be.

You are going to hear a lot about antioxidants in this site, because they are the most exciting medical discovery in 65 years. Over the last few decades, evidence has been piling up high that antioxidants are the key to preventing cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and a host of other diseases.

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