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Confessions of an ex-surgeon.    I performed about 2,000 coronary by-pass operations before I finally figured out I wasn’t helping people.  I haven’t picked up a scalpel since 1981,  but  I’ve saved more patients than I did as a surgeon.  

I’m able to help more people because  I decided to get into a different line of work:   Instead of treating illness,  I help people stay healthy!

Let me show you what I mean …

Doctors meant well,   but their attitude is typical of the medical system.   They  “know”  surgery  and radiation are the best treatments for breast cancer and prostate cancer.   They “know”  that vitamin and mineral supplements  don’t work.  They  “know”  that if you have high blood pressure  you’ll have to take medication for the rest of your life.   They “know” bypass surgery  or  balloon angioplasty  is the best treatment for blocked arteries.  

These “medical facts”  and a whole lot more are  false.   They aren’t  isolated medical mistakes.   They represent a whole way of looking at things that is wrong.

I’m a medical doctor and I used to look at things the same way  as the medical establishment.  Basically,  their view is that the body is a sort of machine you fix  when it breaks down.   I shucked off this dangerous,  mistaken point of view,  and learned how human beings really work. 

Over the past 65 years,  evidence has been piling up that the way the body works is totally different from what the medical profession thinks!

Thousands of other doctors  all over the world are doing the same thing I’m doing.  We are painfully  “unlearning”  all the myths we used to believe.  The old way of looking at things is under assault.  The walls are crumbling.

I really think the key to preventing cancer,  heart disease,  stroke, and arthritis is within our grasp.
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