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Smoking is harmful!
The discovery I’m telling you about just might put a large part of the medical system out of business. If you will just follow the suggestions in this article, the so-called-health crises would largely disappear. And health spending would fall by one-third or more.

Scientists have found out that a single cause is responsible for aging as well as for heart disease, stroke, arthritis, cancer, and possibly allergies and a host of other ailments.

These diseases are caused by much the same process that causes oil to go rancid. The same process causes an apple to turn brown if you slice it open and expose it to the air.

The culprit is oxygen!

This is the same element that causes iron to rust. In a way, human body rusts from the inside out, causing dry wrinkled skin, etcetera. Aging skin is the least of our problems. When the process gets out of control, it can cause cancer tumors and hardening of the arteries.

How could oxygen do that? Oxygen becomes harmful when it’s combined into something called free radicals. They are like ravenous molecular sharks. These predators are so hungry they last only millionths of a second before they make an attack on a neighbor.

A free radical is not a living thing like bacteria or viruses. It’s much smaller than that. You know, viruses and bacteria, and even all of the cells in human body are made up of molecules. Molecules are the building blocks. A free radical is a molecule!

So what’s the problem? A free radical contains an oxygen atom that is missing an electron. It can’t rest until it replaces that missing electron. Generally the only place it can get an electron is by taking a bite out of another molecule. You see, human body is full of hundreds of billions of free radicals attacking its healthy cells.

Cancer, heart disease, and stroke come in a bewildering variety of shapes. They seem to be caused by everything from eating margarine to pesticides to smoking cigarettes. But now we know that all the diseases have the same underlying cause, i.e. free radicals.

Why radiation can cause cancer? Because radiation creates free radicals.
Why does stress make us ill? It causes our bodies to form free radicals.
Why is smoking harmful? It creates free radicals.

Ditto for air pollution, pesticides in our environment, even the chlorine in our water can form cancer-causing compounds that promote free radicals.

The good news is that it’s quite easy to control free radicals.  Now that we know what they are, and the harm they do!   

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