Aging of Sugar and Fat …

Convert sugar and fat
Are you too busy to do anything to add years to your life? Or too skeptical? Or too broke? If you fit any of these categories, at least try this:

Take 200 micrograms (mcg.) of chromium picolinate. You can get it at any health food store or possibly your pharmacy. Chromium enables you to convert sugar and fat into energy. If you will just try this harmless mineral for two weeks, you will have more energy. You may even start losing weight!

About 90% of us don’t get enough chromium. It’s one of the reasons we’re too fat. Lose weight while you sleep from taking a harmless pill. Not bad, huh?

Many researchers now believe a lack of chromium is the culprit in 95% of all adult diabetes in the U.S.A. Sugar robs our bodies of this mineral and we need a lot of chromium just to balance out all the sugar we consume.

Chromium will help you stabilize your blood sugar level and get more energy out of the food you eat. It causes you to metabolize or burn your food more efficiently. It actually burns up fat so you don’t add it to the spare tire around your middle!

What’s more, a researcher at the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Vitamin and Mineral Laboratory recently confirmed that chromium has no toxic effects. You can feel perfectly safe taking 200 mcg. per day.

Chances are, your doctors (who maybe had four hours of training in nutrition) will tell you supplements are a waste of time. Even after publishing the studies on vitamin E and beta carotene, the National Cancer Institute and the American Heart Association are still not recommending vitamins. As usual they say “more study” is needed. It’s amazing.

However, today more doctors finally tell you to take vitamin A, vitamin E, beta carotene, selenium, and other supplements. A lot of doctors are taking antioxidants on the sly, because of the remarkable studies that are coming out.

Don’t wait! Do one thing today and feel the difference within two weeks. Start taking these supplements at once. These simple vitamins and minerals are so powerful at fighting cancer and heart disease.

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