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Why cancer? stroke? heart disease?
We are living in the age of a nutrition revolution. It turns out the easiest & most powerful way to improve your health is to take the vitamins and minerals called antioxidants.

All the diseases that have stumped the medical establishment, i.e. cancer, stroke, heart disease, and aging, have a single underlying cause. Again, I want you to know it’s quite easy to neutralize the killer!

Several studies were presented in 1992 at the American Heart Association’s 65th Scientific Sessions. The first study involved almost 90,000 women. Those who took vitamin E for more than two years cut their risk of heart disease almost in half compared to those who did not take vitamin E.

The second study involved 45,720 middle-aged and elderly men. Those who had taken vitamin E for more than two years had a 26% lower risk of heart disease.

A recent study showed that people who regularly consume vitamin E supplements have half the risk of oral and pharyngeal cancer. That finding comes from researchers at the U.S.National Cancer Institute.

However, the NCI researchers also found that multivitamin tablets are not enough. You need big doses. One of the authors says, “We speculate that the vitamin E dosage in multivitamins (usually 30 I.U.) was not sufficient for a protective effect.”

If you want to be protected by this powerful antioxidant, you will need to take vitamin E tablets containing anywhere from 100 to 400 I.U. (International Units). You cannot get what you need from multi-vitamins. Let me add that no one has ever reported any toxic effect from taking large dosages of vitamin E.

Scientific research has clearly established the value of antioxidants. The pity is most of doctors in the medical profession don’t know much about nutrition. How much class time doctors spent studying the effect on your body of the food you eat? Someone told: about four hours. And he spent zero hours studying the effect of exercise in the medical school. He had to learn it for himself.

But some of the doctors are finally learning.

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