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Antioxidants !
What is the most important medical discovery of the last 65 years?

The link between free radicals and healthy aging is the most important discovery since doctors learned that some illnesses are caused by germs.

People have all learned to watch out for “germs”. These viruses and bacteria cause diseases like typhoid, tuberculosis, colds, boils, smallpox, and so forth. Louis Pasteur pioneered the germ theory of disease over 100 years ago.

Most of the great successes of modern medicine have been due to this theory.  Those successes are huge. There is little tuberculosis and rheumatic fever anymore. Pneumonia is now treatable. Smallpox and polio have been mostly eliminated. We owe all this to modern medicine and to the germ theory of disease.

However, germs are no longer the big killers of our time. The big killers are cancer, stroke, and heart disease. Apart from that, human bodies are also wracked by allergies, arthritis, headaches, and chronic fatigue. The medical establishment doesn’t know what causes these diseases. They are not caused by germs!

Doctors have a lot of dazzling equipment and fancy tests. But the truth is, they know very little about the causes of these diseases. Doctors know almost nothing about nutrition as they haven’t studied it in their training.

There is powerful evidence that free radicals are the answer. And free radicals are easily neutralized by the antioxidants like vitamin C, vitamin E, beta carotene, and others. Antioxidants are not drugs. They are foods. They have no toxic side effects. Actually your body produces its own antioxidants all the time. You’re just helping it do what comes naturally when you take more.

But it may be years before establishment medicine accepts this. The medical industry has spent the last 45 years telling the public that vitamins are a waste of money. Eventually, the medical establishment is going to adopt the free radical theory. Many doctors already have. Today, many people in the world are talking about free radicals and antioxidants.

Start to take advantage of the new health discoveries now.
Don’t wait until everybody’s doing it. It may cost your life to wait until the whole medical profession comes around.

Last but not least. They can actually make you younger! 

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